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Carole Stevens Bibisi
Artist, Author, Illustrator, Poet, Musician, Teacher. 'She creates art and music in rainbow colors'.

Carole followed her dream of becoming an artist in every sense of the word, as a gifted singer and natural artist, from an early age.

Graphic Artist:  Carole was born and raised in Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand. Her Art college studies focused on Illustration, lettering and design. She gained a wealth of experience working for major advertising agencies and newspapers as a visualizer and layout artist. She also worked for a chain of fashion shops as their Advertising and Display Manager.

Musical Artist:  Carole is an accomplished musician; a singer, teacher and pianist, who graduated to the highest level in theory of Music and Pianoforte, passing final examinations with Merit and Honors, through London's Trinity and Royal Schools of Music. After moving to Australia to further her musical career Carole enjoyed sharing her love of music by becoming a singing teacher and tutoring vocal workshops. Her own Album, a CD entitled 'Sophisticated Lady' was recorded in Australia and can be heard on this site. She has an amazing voice and repertoire of jazz standards, soulful ballads, and songs from the musicals. Carole has performed in Duo's, Trios, larger bands and orchestras around New Zealand, Australia, Sarasota and Bradenton. One notable highlight was being chosen to sing with an American Choral group at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Video:  Enjoy The Art and Voice of Carole Stevens, version 1 and 2 under Video heading.

Since moving to America in 2002 Carole's musical and artistic career has blossomed. Her art has appeared on the cover of Natural Awakenings and The Pepper Tree Magazine. She's also been featured in Cat Fancy, The Cat Writers Association, Evolution Ezine, WQ and Hawaii's Kauai Family Magazine. Her most recent solo art exhibition was at the Manatee Arts Council Gallery in Bradenton, and she is currently exhibiting at the Art Center Manatee, and Studio V Gallery in Venice FL. While still singing, Carole is mainly focusing her unique talent on her art, writing, and illustrating children's books. Carole, inspired by her love of animals and nature, says her art chose her to give life to Mandalas, Goddesses, Angels, Mermaids, Cats and illustrated Poetry. Her love of vibrant rainbow colors shows in everything she creates.

Author/Illustrator:  Is it bad luck for a black cat to cross your path? No, not according to Carole, who wrote and illustrated 'Tails of American Bronte' a children's book written from the perspective of a shelter cat. There's a load of black cat magic in this delightful 'tail' of adoption. Carole's darling black cat Miss Bronte, with tons of cattitude, was her muse. Her book champions the cause of homeless animals, particularly black cats, which often have lower odds of adoption due to fear and superstition. Far from a symbol of evil or bad luck, Miss Bronte and her troop of mice and ladybugs, invites readers to open their hearts and encourages our community to 'make adoption their first option'. Kids give Bronte 4 paws up and a percentage of books sold helps support animal rescue. Carole enjoys book signing events and speaking as an advocate for promoting lucky Black Cat adoptions. Her second book in the Bronte series is Bronte's Alphabet. Also created are Bronte Greeting Cards and a Calendar. Another book Carole is working on, The Rainbow's Dream and Song is a colorful story of life's lessons learned from the Rainbow.

Carole's quote: "It's our choice to live in the bright rainbow of our hopes, and not the dark clouds of our fears."

May you be a loving contributor through Art and Music, to World Peace, Joy and Healing.