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The World's Fastest Indian

'The World's Fastest Indian' starring Anthony Hopkins is a must see
movie. Filmed in my hometown of Invercargill in New Zealand,
it is based on the true story of motorcycle legend Burt Munro.
His story unfolds in my Poem below.....


A tribute to Burt Munro, a New Zealand Motorcycle Legend.

The World's fastest Indian ---- now what is that?
An Indian--- who out-runs a jungle-cat?
It's the story of a dreamer named Burt Munro,
A human speed dynamo!

He lived in New Zealand, in the Southernmost City,
in the Province of Southland, so unspoiled and pretty.
In Invercargill City, near farmlands green,
A scenic treasure, magnificent, serene.

He was just an ordinary Kiwi bloke,
with an extraordinary dream, who loved a joke,
but he was extremely passionate about
a Motorcycle called an Indian Scout.

Charles Franklin conceived the design for the Scout
in 1912, or thereabout.
A Classic Indian, side valve breed,
with a hand change gearbox,a 3 speed.

In 1926 Burt began his work,
family and friends thought he was beserk!
He built his own 4 cam design,
with overhead valves --- it was streamline.

For half a century Burt worked in his shed,
believing and building the dream in his head.
With a shed full of 'Offerings to the God of Speed'
His unorthodox methods he believed would succeed.

From the bottom of the world --- off he went,
to the Salt Flats in Utah, confident
that his Indian, was the fastest machine.
This Kiwi on an Indian would steal the scene!

He clocked 190 point 7 miles per hour,
the fastest ever recorded on Indian power.
This brave, eccentric and talented man,
became The World's Fastest Indian!

I knew his son J.B. Munro,
my Sunday School teacher of long ago.
They lived at the very end of our street.
J. B's big smile, was a beaming treat.

I'm a Southlander, --- yes born and bred.
With my proud Kiwi Spirit, I'm moving ahead.
Pursuing my dreams --- creative talent, and skill,
inspired by the Indian --- from Invercargill!

Make sure you take the time to see
this enthralling, entertaining Movie,
then visit New Zealand, --- You deserve the best,
Enjoy Soultime in Southland, --- Be our Guest!

Written by Carole Stevens Bibisi.
7th February, 2006.


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